Welcome to this site, GeoAger, which I hope will be a world of interesting articles and links related to GIS, mapping, earth observation, geo-location, geo-web applications and anything in between.

I’m David and I am a self confessed map addict. I am a Geography graduate from University of Reading, with experience in GIS analysis, software and web development at the National Trust and currently CH2M.

I am a passionate follower of the GIS industry, with this interest in maps coming from an early age, and I do my best to follow and experiment with the latest trends in the ever evolving world of geospatial technologies, as it becomes more in-bedded in our day to day lives. Once a paper based tool for geography enthusiasts, politicians, scientists and planners (among many), maps now play an even more major role in the ever growing digital world most of us live in, through geolocation mobile and web apps, as well as in detailed insight from GIS analyses.

I am in the early stages of my geospatial career and there are some fantastic geospatial blogs out there, and I don’t pretend that this blog will match these. However, I hope to provide a different take and source in which to share the latest insights and information within the industry.