In what I hope will be a regular feature, I will share my passion for all things geographic and cartographic with my ‘Map of the Day’ feature. Some may be simple maps, but interesting insight; others may be great examples of interactivity and web map development, or both.

Kicking this feature of is one of my favourite maps, Ventusky (, a meteorological web application developed by Czech company InMeteo in collaboration with Marek Mojzik and Martin Prantl. This web application has been around for some time now, with the recent addition ‘wave height simulation’, and provides weather prediction (and archive) animation based on weather models from Germany, USA and Canada (ICON, GFS, GEM respectively).

The flexibility, functionality, smoothness and clarity of symbology is highly impressive, providing you the ability to assess temperature, precipitation, wind speed, air pressure, snow cover and much more. One can hover their mouse to get direct measurements/predictions over a location, and can click over a location for more detail. There isn’t more more description required as it’s very intuitive, but what I love about this map is how it truly represents weather as a system of flow, through shading and flowlines, far more than any other weather map I’ve seen. As described on the site:

“The Earth’s weather functions as an interdependent system. For example, a hurricane in the Atlantic has the ability to influence the distribution of pressure formations in Europe. Occasionally, it may even make its way to Europe itself as a post-tropical storm. The Ventusky application allows for the illustration of the interdependence of the entire system, displaying the development of pressure, wind, cloud cover, precipitation, and temperature on the map.” (Ventusky)

This sums it up well, so it’s well worth checking out at some point.

Happy Mapping,


Credits: Ventusky, InMeteo


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